Minority Health Careers Initiative

The Minority Health Careers Initiative (MHCI) is a state-wide focused project at the Center for Health and Healing, a non-profit affiliate of the General Baptist State Convention of NC, which looks to educate youth about the opportunities in healthcare, as they relate to education and occupation. The MCHI Staff recruits and trains churches and community groups to start up Health Careers Clubs and go through our MHCI Curriculum. We inform the youth about the various educational and occupational opportunities within health care fields, enhance their life skills (resume building, dressing for success, interview tips, etc.) and show them how health care relates to the Kingdom of God teachings.

This program can be easily implemented into any church or community-based group and is not solely limited to Baptist churches. The Center for Health and Healing, via Duke Endowment grant to the North Carolina Hospital Association, covers all approved costs, which include club implementation funds, incentives, and health-related trips/meetings. We are dedicated to the cause of preparing future health leaders and we need your help to do so. For more information about getting involved with the Minority Health Careers Initiative, please contact us at 1-866-972-6374 ext.6 or email us at cornell.wright@c4hh.org.