Faith and Health Initiative

The Faith and Health Initiative provides a risk reduction/primary prevention program through participating churches. Lay leaders are utilized to motivate and mobilize congregation members. Specifically, the Convention’s Faith and Health Initiative focuses on four GBSC associations located in Granville, Franklin, Vance and Warren Counties.  These four associations are comprised of 88 churches serving approximately 19,000 congregation members.

Activities include:

Developing and implementing training curricula targeting nutrition, physical activity, and faith and health;

Recruiting and training 60 church volunteers as Faith and Health Advocates to provide education and outreach in their church;

Establishing Faith and Health Advisory Committees in every participating church;

Providing nutritionally appropriate food choices and stretch exercise breaks at church events; and,

Increasing the skillleveloflayleaders in target churches to educate, mobilize and organize congregation members. Funding is provided by the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust.