Healing Our Hearts

John 5:1-9

Rev. Cornolius Moore, Paster
St. James Baptist Church
Rocky Mount, NC

Over the past three decades there have been numerous changes in the social order. Having been born in the south on a clay hill in North Carolin, the youngest of eight siblings, it is safe to say that most African Americans were engaged in agricultural production and extractive industries. Health care services, education and other opportunities were influenced by a pattern of racial separation that permeated much of the social reality for both races... (click here to read more)


Celebrate the New Year
by exercising your
body, mind & spirit

Submitted by:

Latasha Sanders, Program Coordinator
Faith & Health Initiative

Chances are, at some time in your life you've made a New Year's Resolution - and then broke it. this year, stop the cycle of resolving to make change, but not following through. Healthy eating shouldn't take a break during the holidays. In fact, paying attention to what you eat and balancing your diet with regular physical activity will likely help you enjoy your winter holidays even more. (click here to read more)